Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 27, 2010

Petrol price to increase, no problem BUT ….

OK, our government now wants to raise the petrol price again this year and they claimed that they want to reduce the subsidies. Fine, i have no problem with that, in fact, if the government wants to sell the petrol price to us at market value, pls do so by all means. BUT, and i have to stress this again and again, BUT make sure the government takes away the AP la and also whatever stupid tax shit on the cars so that we can buy good and efficient car for our own use as well. You want to screw us by asking us to pay high petrol price and also screw us again by imposing tax on cars, then that’s not fair! We don’t want lousy and fuel guzzling cars like proton on campro engine, allow us to purchase better efficiency car so we can compensate back on the higher petrol price, that should be the way, isn’t it?

Petrol price could go up initial 15 sen –

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