Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 9, 2010

Money foundation to help Penang Malays? What about others?

(Bernama) – Prime Minister Najib Razak said today the government would make a financial provision to enable a foundation based in Penang to help in the economic advancement of Malays in the state.

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Errm, my dear Mr. Prime Minister, would you like me to remind you that besides the Penang Malays, we have other Malays as well in other states in Malaysia? What makes the Penang Malays so special compared to the other Malays? We should have been working towards uniting people from all races and all of us should be considered as Malaysians. But now, apa nama Malay itself also you want to split even further to Penang Malay? So we have Selangor Malay, Kedah Malay, Kelantan Malay and so on? adui… isk isk isk… So is this what you called as 1-Malaysia?

Really headache with you-lah. I also pening already, no further comments.

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