Posted by: mylittlesnow | March 10, 2010

Local government polls not necessary, what a joke Mr. PM !!!

Hey hey hey, is this the season of Raja Lawak or what? Actually no la, from time to time, we’ll have some jokes from our politicians and then we have some laughs here and there. Ok, check out the latest joke. Our dear Mr. PM actually said that local government polls are unnecessary. Whoooaa… according to him, it will cause too much politicking… whoooaaaaa… Can you believe that it is actually coming out from the mouth of our very own PM?

If I’m not wrong, even in schools already have polls la. I remember back in the days when i was young, we’ll have nominees for Class Monitor and then we’ll have a simple voting process to elect the class monitor. Even in local university, we have polls as well to elect student representatives. So what the heck is wrong in having a local council election? If like that, why not say we don’t need poll for Malaysian government? Just elect some senior fellas who has a good ‘track record’, then no need to waste the fund for election also right? I think we easily spent tens or possibly hundreds of millions of dollars for each Pilihanraya. That’s a waste of money as well right? Okay okay, i’m sarcastic and i’m just kidding, seriously we need a proper election process la.

So i wonder what’s next to be said huh? 😉 Stay tune… Don’t worry, there should be more to come because we have a lot of Raja Lawak in Malaysia now…


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