Posted by: mylittlesnow | February 15, 2010

Digi Internet: Broadband done all wrong…

Digi is definitely one of the top gun as a mobile service provider in Malaysia. So when they launched their Internet Broadband service, with the tagline “Broadband done right”, i believe that they will actually provide a very good and decent broadband Internet service. I still uses Streamyx as my main Internet line but i plan to get a 3G connection for my personal mobile usage once a while when i need them.

Previously, i tried Celcom 3G and it sucks downright, having their connection dropped from HSDPA to GPRS very often. So i thought Digi can definitely do a better job here. But alas, 3G broadband still sucks in Malaysia. Seems like Digi is no better than other 3G broadband providers in Malaysia. But one commendable effort from Digi here is the availability of their Internet Prepaid service. Well, it’s definitely a lot better than paying RM58 a month for a stupid GPRS connection like Celcom, in this case, you only need to pay RM10 minimum for a 5 days connection. So at least, i only need to pay RM10 whenever i need this kind of mobile Internet service.

Oh yeah, before i forget, 3G connection works well in Penang area but when i said sucks, i’m talking about some not so popular area like Taiping for example. That’s the purpose of getting a 3G or Wimax right? Mobile Internet, if i want a fixed Internet line, i might as well get Streamyx. So like i said before and i’m going to say it again now, 3G or Wimax, they are still far behind when compared to Streamyx in terms of Internet connection speed as well as stability. Sad to say, as much as we hated Streamyx, they are still by far the best ISP in Malaysia right now, and TMNut don’t pay me any shit to praise them here. I hated Streamyx as much as anyone out there but they still rocks when compared to other ISPs… sigh..



  1. The services will be far better with reasonable rates, if there is more competition in the market. Sadly, the sector has been dominized.
    I used to pay less than 20euro for both internet and telephone services in Germany. The connection never let me down.
    Here, the internet cost us a bomb!

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