Posted by: mylittlesnow | December 30, 2009

Is Avatar being overhyped?

Wow, check this out, quite a lot of people around me is talking about Avatar these days. I’m hearing cinemas being fully booked in advance at least for a week! Now ain’t that cool? You see, i’m a big fan of James Cameron and i think he made great movies! The problem is, i don’t quite understand how Titanic grossed so much money but the movie itself is quite forgetable for me.

Terminator 2 was and probably is still one of the greatest movie ever from James but Titanic, errm… it is watchable but not memorable. And now we have Avatar, personally i was very excited and very eager to watch the movie. Actually i saw it in the first week of its released, hehe. But storyline wise, the movie does not quite meet my expectation, not much surprises and I kinda expected more or less what will be happening. In order not to provide any spoiler here, i’ll leave it to you to go watch it yourself.

But make no mistake, this is a must see movie, just purely because of the marvelous special effects! Not even one moment did i realize that the planet Pandora was fake and so do the creatures as well as the Navi people or aliens in the movie. They look so real, Jesus Christ! Everything was so believable and frankly, it was a total fucking visual orgasm experience and i bet you can’t top this up any further for this year or next year for sure. Not until the Hollywood folks come out with another new technology or something.

I think Avatar is still going strong in the box office after 2 weeks running and i can guess that this will continue for a while, it’s a must watch movie, but in my opinion, don’t expect too much on the storyline, just go there and entertain yourself with the spectacular visual effects, and that alone is worth every penny you’re paying for…


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