Posted by: mylittlesnow | December 7, 2009

Malaysian Government thinks the rakyat is printing cash is it?

I am not sure about most of the Malaysians out there but i personally is starting to notice that our current Malaysian government is slowly sucking our hard earn money away from us. Before you go about shouting and screaming at me, allow me to elaborate some of the government actions recently:

1. Changing of RON97 to RON95 – do i need to explain more? Changing a superior product to inferior product while maintaining the same price, do you dare to claim that RON95 is better than RON97? But then i think this is a master stroke from our G as currently i’m using RON95 without any problems…damn!

2. RM50 credit card fee – so where do you think the new RM50 credit card fees goes to? Our G of course ! Kononnya wanna help rakyat to control spending, but do you actually think those who are seriously in debt will actually reduce their credit cards based on RM50 fees? Hell no, i bet they will still go grab 10 cards out there and pay the RM500 fees and then max out the cards.

3. No sugar subsidy – Oooo… suddenly our G becomes very concern about our health, wanna cut off the sugar subsidy to reduce sugar intake. Hmm, actually i don’t have problem with this policy, it’s good that everyone can reduce their sugar intake, afterall, it’s not good for health, but then, my main point here is reduce subsidy, so where the savings of subsidy goes to?

4. GST of 4% – Whoaa hahahahaha, so now everything we buy will be charged 4% tax? Since when our people become so rich eh? And what is the basis of charging 4% tax to the people? What service are we actually paying for? Hmmm, i will agree with this implementation if we don’t have to pay our income tax, so whatever stuff that we buy just charge the 4% tax, but *tooot*, we’re paying our income tax and yet now we have to pay some service tax? Malaysia is fast becoming a tax heaven!

So you see, i can’t help but wonder what’s coming next, how much more do the G wanna suck the money from us?



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  2. ..a bankrupt govnt., bankrupt of ideas on how to get more $$$$……..!!!

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