Posted by: mylittlesnow | November 20, 2009

How can a mother did this to her children?

After so many days, it still baffles me on how a woman could have forced 4 of her beautiful children to drink weedkiller and then poisoned herself. I will never ever know what was going through her mind when she did that and that simply defies the theory of a mother being protective of her children. In this case, she’s killing all of ’em. I don’t really care much about the mother, but the thought of seeing 4 defenseless little children being given a poisoned drink and they themselves not old enough to know about it, that is simply a thought too painful to bear.

Based on the latest report, it seems that the children have recovered and discharged from hospital but them there are still blood being detected in their urine. I sincerely wish and pray that with God’s blessing, the children will survive and continue to fight for their future, now even more tough without the care of their mother. But then again, i’m quite pissed by the brainless action of that mother and although i did mention that i don’t give a damn if she dies or lives, i do wish that the children could have grown up in a nice family with both of their parents around…

freeweelee will pray for the father and his children… God bless always…

The Star report: Paraquat case woman dies…



  1. as an outsider, we will never understand how her mind works. there’s a lot of factors that trigger this act. im not trying to make excuses for her, but even if she survived, she might be off the hook because she was not in the right state of mind.

  2. well… i’m not expecting anyone to understand…

    you don’t need rocket science to understand that a mother should not kill her own children… that should be like some kind of instinct…

  3. it’s not rocket science, but then, do we the general public understand psychiatric patient? do you as male understand what is post natal depression? Premenstrual dysphoric disorder? etc? . i dont think you really do. those are not rocket science either.

    • post natal depression and stuff…i understand… commit suicide on her own…i can understand also..

      but killing your own child… that one i still cannot figure out how that person can actually have the heart to do it… being a parent myself… i really cannot imagine doing that to my own child… my wife suffers from post natal depression… but she suffers that because she was freaking worried about her own child well being… and as a result of that… turns into depression… that is normal…a mom worries about the safety of her child…

      but killing ur own child…. sigh… if i can, i would have walk straight to that mother and slap her in the face and ask her what in the fucking hell she’s thinking…

  4. I have at one point in my life suffer deep depression, and i know how it feels. for you maybe what she did is not logic, but at certain level of depression, its not about logic anymore. if all those people who sufferred from depression able to keep their logic, logically (pun) there should be no suicide, right?

  5. But I don’t see anywhere saying she suffered from depression? And even so, if she had depression, then she should’ve seeked for help, because it’s nobody’s fault you can’t see the positive things in life. I suffer from depression sometimes. Not because I don’t fit in or anything, but because i’ve watched my father beat my mother up in front of me and my sisters, while growing up, and i’ve watched and heard vivid and detailed descriptions of how he would kill her, and what exactly he would do to her once he found her again (Yes she got away). That’s enough to drive anyone mad, no matter what age, but being 12, and just hitting puberty, those 3 years of my life had a huge impact on what I turned out to be. Bitter, quiet.
    Well, that’s when i’m depressed. But have I poisoned my little sister and big sister because of it? Have I poisoned myself? No, because i’m not a weakling, and i’m not a killer either. The only person i ever though of possible killing was my dad, but that was to put an end to my sisters, and mothers pain, to end the sleepless nights and the tip toeing down the stairs to hear if my mother was still breathing, and to put an end to those nights when I knew something was wrong, opened the door of my kitchen and my dad was choking my mother. Yes, I’m depressed and I intend to, one day be the happy little girl I was, and to be successful and famous.
    I’m only 16, I know I can be the girl I once was, I just need to believe in myself, and people to believe in me.
    So don’t talk to me about knowing depression and the effects it has on you, because no matter the situation, and how badly damaged your mind is, you do NOT have the right to kill innocent people let alone babies.. of your OWN! I would KILL for my baby if I ever had one and needed to. But I would never kill it.
    There’s no excuse for what this woman did, none. She can claim she was insane back then, but that doesn’t do it for me. Since when does people lacking insanity give them the right to take someone elses innocent life? Please.
    This woman needs to go be put in jail. I’m 16 and I can see that. If you can’t, then you might want to find help yourself. And yes you do have a point about suicide but, who said people committing suicide are lacking logic? It’s a choice for most, a false escape, I chose to go to bed while having a bad day. That’s my false escape. I’m sorry for those people who committed suicide because they had REAL problems, or victims of being bullied. But do NOT put these people in the same category of that woman.

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