Posted by: mylittlesnow | November 20, 2009

Henry, what a cheaT!

Fulamak, another Hand of God incident. What a blatant handball and how could have the referee missed it? And shame on you Henry, you should have admitted it yourself and have the goal disallowed. Since when football becomes handfootball? Being a world class player, you should have been a role model but now you use your hand to assist in scoring a goal and you celebrated that goal without any remorse?

*ptui* !!! yucks… you suck!



  1. now we have two Hand of God goals. One by a crazed Frenchmen and the other pass the ultimate passer in history Maradona. Henry looks like he’s taking it to the rack.

  2. Yeah, what he did was bad, but this only proves that we need to include technology into the sport like most other sports. It’s stupid if we insist on keeping the sport “pure” when it is not these days.

    So, I guess this is football, the ups and downs. I remember how Henchoz of Liverpool handballed in the FA Cup Final 2001 where Arsenal dominated, robbing Henry of a title, I guess it’s karma.

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