Posted by: mylittlesnow | November 17, 2009

You had your chances Foster!

Well, i read today from The Sun that Tottenham is planning for a 6mil swoop for Ben Foster this January. And Foster responded that he might need to leave to keep his place  in the England squad. He further commented that he felt weird being a country’s top keeper and yet being only the 3rd choice keeper for his own club.

Hmmm, to Foster, you had your chances! And what a bummer and mess you have made of your chances. When Edwin VDS was injured, you were assured of starting  in games and yet you allowed your butter fingers to do the talking and so who else you can blame except yourself for falling down the pecking order at OT? I find it weird as well that after a series of blunders you have made, Fabio Capello still prefer to start you rather than other keepers available out there.

Anyway, it doesn’t really bother me if you choose to leave or choose to stay, but one thing that i want to make it clear as a United fan is that no one is to be blame other than yourself for not making the full use of the chance you get earlier. I personally witness your blunders at United games and i would have drop you from the bench myself had Ferguson not done so. Go to Tottenham by all means if that will help you but I hope that you don’t turn into a crying baby and whining that you were never given the opportunities… yes, not opportunity, but opportunities!

Full report here: Tottenham want to sign England keeper Ben Foster



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