Posted by: mylittlesnow | November 5, 2009

Unreliable Smart Tag and lousy customer service?

I’m quite a frequent user of highway so recently i purchased a Smart Tag as i can see that nowadays the queue for the normal Touch N Go lane is getting longer and longer. That Smart Tag alone cost me RM130 but it comes with a preloaded RM10 Touch N Go card.

Well, my initial impression was, Smart Tag rocks bay beh! It is really convenient when you don’t have to roll down your car mirror and you can simply drive thru the Smart Tag lane without any hassle. Usually you don’t get stuck in queue in Smart Tag lane. All in all, it’s money well spent indeed!

But here comes the problem. About 2 months after my purchase, the unit just broke down. And one of my colleague told me that he had similar problem as well. And upon further check, i just realized that the Smart Tag was not even approved by Sirim. Ah hah, now that tells you something about the quality or reliability of that product huh! So off I go to the service centre. Was told that it will takes about 5 weeks for repair and i need to pay RM7 in postal order as part of the shipping cost for them to ship the item back to us. Hehe, your product screw up but then we customer have to bear the shipping cost? Not bad.

It has been about 4 weeks now since i sent my defective unit for repair. Called them yesterday and was told it’s still under repair. It’s just a small and simple unit, so i was wondering what took them so long…

Ahhh… i guess this is another daylight robbery case happening in Malaysia?



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  3. to all Smart Tag users, the operator use all the float money to stuff their belly ….. be like me and check this out

  4. you can share your story @

    share and learn to become a smart consumer…

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