Posted by: mylittlesnow | October 16, 2009

iPhone Game Review : Alive 4-Ever

Lets kick some zombies ass!

Lets kick some zombies ass!

Ok, if you’re an iPhone user and you have not heard of this game, it’s ok. Just go to iTunes store now and download the game for only $0.99 and i bet that you will thank me for this. This is seriously one of the best games released for iPhone to date. Remember that i recommended iDracula sometime ago? Well, this game has the same concept of iDracula in the sense that you walk around shooting zombies but the similarities ends there.

What is so good about this game compare to iDracula is that you actually need to complete missions and earn experience level as well as money and upgrade your character from there. It’s something sort of like RPG. There’s different type of mission to complete like rescuing survivors, retrieve vaccines and so on. That keeps the game interesting compared to iDracula where you just shoot to stay alive. I’ve just completed 8 missions and i think there’s 30 missions in total. And also, you can always go back to older mission to try and complete the challenge and earn more money so you can upgrade your weapons. You see, in every mission, you have a side challenge where you’ll earn some bonus if you manage to complete the challenge. So sometimes even if you manage to complete a mission, you might not complete the challenge given so you can always go back and play the same mission.

Action wise, there’s plenty of shooting and head shots around, plenty of gore and plenty of zombies to keep your adrenalin rushing. So i guess it’s a pretty entertaining and intense shooter game. One of the nicer games around and this game earns 4.5 stars out of 5 from freeweelee. Why 4.5 and not 5? Well, the multiplayer mode doesn’t work even though it’s stated that it works on iPhone 2G. Hmm, still can’t figure out how to get the multiplayer mode going, and i can’t imagine how kick ass it’s gonna be should the multiplayer mode works. 🙂


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