Posted by: mylittlesnow | October 10, 2009

Malaysians, we simply must not send out the wrong signal at Bagan Pinang …

Money, bribery, politics… if you want all of the three together, then you better make sure you do it nice and clean and hope that you won’t get caught! I am not promoting corruption but i despise corruption. But then again you have to admit there there is definitely corruption everywhere and it’s just a matter of how serious it is. Gosh, i even dare to say that there might be some sort of corruption happening at our neighboring country like Singapore. You have to admit that you can’t possibly catch everyone in the world who committed bribery or is involved in corruption. But here’s the big catch, what happens if you were caught doing so? What happens after that?

Again, only in Malaysia (yay! Malaysia Boleh!) you see someone who has been convicted in money politics previously, actively returning to politics again! What kind of sh$t is this? Is this pure arrogance or what? I don’t get it in Malaysia. You can have a leader who fucks a mistress and got beamed publicly and yet he’s making a comeback. And now you have another fella who’s got a real bad history in money politics, got caught and yet again he’s making a comeback? So guys, especially to those of you who’s going to vote at Bagan Pinang. Is this what you really want? Are we going to tell the world out there that it’s ok to have extra marital affair as well as involved in money politics. Our leaders can do what they want and yet we will vote for them come next election.

I believe we must make a very firm stand when it comes to this. Leaders have to rule and lead by example. Any one small missteps and they should be kicked out without any questions. You know, maybe I have been blogging too much about this but i still can’t believe that this is happening right here in Malaysia. Is BN taking us rakyats for granted or they thought we’re getting dumb and dumber? Are we going to continue to throw our support for someone who’s already tainted in money politics? Come on, think and vote wisely. If Isa wins this by-election, then sad to say, i think we’re doomed cause we will be setting a very dangerous precedence for future political candidates…


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