Posted by: mylittlesnow | September 1, 2009

Petrol issue – kena tipu again… aihhh…

Aikss… i just found out today that RON95 will actually cost RM1.80 starting tomorrow. I thought i read somewhere long time ago that RON95 is meant to be priced at RM1.75 so we will still have 5 cents savings if change from RON97 to RON95.

Correct me if i’m wrong, i really have this understanding  that the price of RON97 will increase above current price of RM1.80 but then RON95 price will be RM1.75 so it’s sort of like an encouragement for us to use RON95 and at the same time, save a bit of money. But doesn’t seem to be this case anymore leh, starting tomorrow, RON95 price will be increased to RM1.80 as well. So what happens now is we’re paying the same price for a lower grade petrol quality.

What the F? We’re screwed once again, and i almost didn’t realize i’m being screwed !!! Never ending petrol issue in Malaysia…



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  2. hahahaha 1malaya rakyat dimainkankan, penipuan diutamakan

  3. Yup… the GOV think we’re a bunch of idiots… luckily (not knowing at all) I topped up my car with RON97 @ RM1.80 yesterday morning… phewww…hahaha

  4. darn! i really forgotten about it!

    dunno y, but my hubby said he got higher mileage using ron95, been pressuring me to try it. but now seems like no choice..

  5. You are absolutely right, they did announce that it would be price at RM1.70 / 1.75. But today, it is priced at RM1.80!!! This is not the only time they made such lies……

  6. This what being published in the (june 09) :-
    “…Mr Oh said that RON95 will cost RM1.75 per litre (in Peninsular Malaysia) which is the price set by the government. Its price is subsidized by the government which has also stated that RON97 petrol will no longer be subsidized and will therefore have a pump price of RM2.00 per litre in Peninsular Malaysia. When asked why RON95 costs more than RON92 when it had been announced earlier in the year that the price would not be higher,….”

    Notice the,”…the price would not be higher…”? Lu fikir la sendiri…

  7. Yes,it’s a broad daylight cheating.The price different does not matter but the worst part is the low quality of the RON95.This unleaded fuel will contribute to engine failure eventually.Why,because the formation of unburnt carbon on top of pistons and valves.We noticed that engine is under powered,sluggish and no acceleration power ! because of low octane term as flash point.We have been taken for a ride by the stupis petroleum engineers of Malaysia !

  8. Further to the above remarks,I would like to enlighten further on the prolong use of the RON95,being a retired Professional Automotive Engineer,I would recommend that all motorists try to refrain in using this RON95,the after effect will not be immediate but gradually as this petrol with octane rating 95 is not suitable for modern engines with variable valves fuel injection and computerised control managemnt system.As what I understand that Manufacturers recommend only RON97 which is indicated pon petrol caps of some cars or in the operators manual.

  9. Again on the same topic,what choice do we have? almost all petrol stations are with RON95 kiosks now,and only one or two kiosks are withRON97.Looks like we are at the mercy of this implementation by the government without first getting feedback from public views !

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