Posted by: mylittlesnow | August 29, 2009

To ppl of M’sia: Come take a look at another barbarian act from M’sia…

Why wanna make a big fuss when someone relocates a temple to your place? Does it bring any harm to you? Does it take your life away? And you have to resort to bringing a cow’s head instead? It’s all about being tolerant to each other right? I don’t have a problem hearing you guys pray 5 times a day, so why make a big fuss that the noise from the temple will disrupt your own praying? Do you guys pray at the same time of the day? Is the Hindu temple noisy all the time? Probably once a while during celebration, but what’s wrong with that?What an opportunist eh? Trying to create a mess out of petty things…

Sigh, why don’t you guys just take a look at PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz and learn from him. What a stark contrast between Nik Aziz and the barbarian acts of this group of people. You just bring further shame to your own group of ppl dude…  Shame shame, now go back and find your brains… try looking in your assholes first… there’s a high chance you left it there…

p/s: don’t bother calling these people Muslims, they should be classified as barbarians instead… i know many Muslims friends and they are not like that…

Do you really have to do this?

Do you really have to do this?



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  2. Some group of people are really angry. Why not built a Hindu Temple in a Hindu majority place. If there are’nt any, there is no need to built one. There are too many unutilised Hindu Temples around with dieties and foreign priest but no worshippers.
    The Govt of the day should look into this.
    I agree these people are concern but disagree on the way they show their discern.

    • yup… agree with you that everyone has his or her own’s opinion…but the way these people are bringing up the issue is not right…

      pssst: actually sometimes i got agitated as well when i sleep and then hear someone blasting their prayers…but i just get on with it….

  3. Firdays are scary………….jam, cars are park all over the streets and roads …and we the so called non bumis have to tolerate….. And now residents of shah alam cannot tolerate Hindu temple. Sad to know such things are happening! in ONE MALAYSIA LAND!!!

  4. can’t build temple on muslim majority area. but mosque is everywhere whether muslim majority area or not. Have a lot of muslim friends who respects temple or churches and never complaint bcos they know that their prayer are sometimes quite loud as well and non muslim tolerate that.

  5. All the house of God,Muslim,Budha,Hinduism or Sikhism have their own charateristic to call for prayers at certain time.Ringing the bell is a common practice.In Jerusalem the mosque is side by side with the church and yet they are being tolerated.After all we all pray to God the Almighty and not to the BN or PKR political figures !

  6. They are worst than barbarians! They are more like wild animals with no brain! In China they will be executed by firing squad! The government should seriously consider killing all of them, so that they cannot reproduce more “devils” like them.

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