Posted by: mylittlesnow | August 21, 2009

@mymailbox: Insurance bull-shitters

Hahaha, i really like this one. Hope you like it and have a nice weekend!

The husband of a pregnant wife was thinking of buying insurance for his

unborn baby. So he asked Great Eastern and the agent said, “don’t worry

man, we’ll provide insurance right FROM THE BASKET TO THE CASKET”.

The man was impressed but thought that he should probably seek another

opinion. He then approached Prudential and the agent replied,”Oh, we have

a new insurance policy which can protect your unborn child FROM THE


The man was stunned but thought that maybe all salesmen like to bullshit

and decided to see the agent from AIA. He told the AIA agent what

Prudential and Great Eastern had to offer. The AIA agent thought for a

while and then said, “Tell you something, we have one that is even better

than Prudential and Great Eastern. We’ll insure your child FROM


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