Posted by: mylittlesnow | August 19, 2009

Post March 08; So what’s up with Penang?

Well well well. This will be the first time i am going to provide me thoughts on Penang’s current government. I’m gonna keep it real short and sweet but overall, kudos and well done to Penang gov. Personally, as a Penang kia, i’ve seen some positive improvement and initiatives taken that i feel will make Penang a better place.

1. No plastic bag campaign every Monday – I know some or most of you out there might not support this but personally, i think this is the right move. We have been thrashing millions of plastic bags into the landfill/ocean and i guess it doesn’t hurt one bit if you don’t get plastic bags on Monday only.

2. Penang Free Wi-fi – This is another great initiative from the current Penang gov. I’ve seen many hot spots available already and hopefully, we’ll have the whole of Penang connected to the internet. Forget about those critics who complained that Wi-fi is harmful, shame on them. Why i don’t see them complaining that telephone towers is hazardous to people as well? Baahh…

3. Money for elderly folks – I think Penang gov is giving out RM200 to elderly folks above 55 yrs old. Although it’s not much to some people, but at least it’s still money.

4. Negotiate Double Storey House for Kg Buah Pala folks – Personally, if what our CM says is true, which is to provide a double storey house to each family at Kg. Buah Pala, then i guess those folks should appreciate it. Supposedly cost RM550k at market value, i’m sure many of us out there can only dream of owning a house of that value at a prime property area, seriously, you could not asked for more…

So here you go… maybe another one and half years later, lets review again the progress made by Penang state government… at least i can actually talk about something now, unlike previous government, i can’t think of one, except to remember the fiasco on Penang public transport issue… Cheerios !!!


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