Posted by: mylittlesnow | August 5, 2009

Lukewarm response to Amanah Saham 1Malaysia (AS1M)?

Gosh, what happen to all the investors? Totally no queue at all at most of the banks. Could it be possible that most of the investors have already used up their money for ASM and ASW2020 earlier, or they don’t have much confidence over this new fund? Although there isn’t many people queuing up to buy the shares, it’s still a pain in the ass when queuing up to buy the fund. The system is way too slow and the bank manage to process only about 4 applicants within an hour. Is this the first time happening? No. Can PNB see this issue coming? Yes. So why still the same old shit happening again? God knows.

Anyway, i have been hearing rumours that this fund is not the same as ASM or ASW2020, in the sense that the price fluctuates and returns promised are not as good as ASM or ASW2020. But let me get this straight. This is a fixed price fund. That means the selling price is fixed at RM1 no matter what. I can confirm this personally as i have read the prospectus myself. The only difference now is when you buy after the promotional period, you will be subjected to 1% sales charge. If you buy 1000 units, means you will be paying RM1010 to get the 1000 units. But when you sell back your 1000 units, you will get back RM1k, so the sales charge has already been applied upfront when making your purchase.

Also, I was also taken aback by one of the statement written inside the prospectus. It says that this fund is not capital protected. But it’s fixed price. So i was damn confused. But thank God i found this website and i think this guy made a very good explanation. Go have a read yourself here -> Amanah Saham 1Malaysia: The Facts and Implications

Overall, i guess by the time i am writing this, the fund should still be available for sale. I don’ t see the same level of interest shown by investors as what we’ve seen for ASM and ASW2020. So if you have the extra moo-lah and not sure where to park your money, this is one option you should seriously consider, and like i said previously, afterall it’s a fixed price unit trust and i’d take this anytime over other unit trust out there from our local banks.

Happy investing!



  1. In ASM’s website, it said that AS1M is for investors who understand “investment risk and reward”.

    “Investment risk” is the risk of losing you money you invest.

    With 70-90% to be invested in equity, it is unlikely that AS1M can always maintain its NAV at RM1 per unit when the share market is extremely bearish.

    If the majority of the investors lose confidence and cash out, you may get less than what you have invested.

    Unlike other funds, fixed price fund never publishes its NAV. Hence, you’ll never know how it actually has performed.

  2. Not guaranteed according to the guideline refers to the guideline as issued by the Unit Trust Commission. A lot requirements need to be fulfilled before the term guaranteed can be used for unit trust. ASM,ASW AS1M can not fullfilled all the requirements so cannot used the term

    • that’s interesting…then why this time i see a lot of ppl from forums commenting that AS1M is not capital guaranteed when ASM and ASW2020 is not capital guaranteed as well?

  3. Yes you are right but actually for AS1M, ASW2020 & ASM are selling at fixed price RM1 per unit. Indirectly they are capital guaranteed by PNB but not like bank guaranteed by PIDM which is a insurance body. Once the fund is bankruptcy meaning you lost all your shares. Always remember this is an unit trust investment not savings… a lot of people thinking that this is a savings with high interest.

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