Posted by: mylittlesnow | August 2, 2009

Street protest a senseless move, then why cannot say Teargas & Water Cannons a senseless move as well?

Dear PM,

You commented that the street protest was a senseless move. Well i am not going to waste my time arguing with you but don’t you think that firing teargas and water cannons on peaceful loving Malaysians a senseless move as well? What we wanted was just to march over to the palace and hand in a memorandum, i am 101% dead sure that there won’t be any casualties or injuries if they were permitted to move on with their plan peacefully. Everytime we want to do something peacefully, you come and ka ka ciao ciao us using brute force. So who is the one being senseless right now?

Street Protest a Senseless move, says PM




  1. to our pm and his goons,the rakyat’s eyes must be blind,rakyat’s ears must be deaf and rakyat’s mouth must be shut.this is what is his so called 1malaysia rakyat didahulukan,performance now bla..bla..bla…since there is this ketuan so rakyat must be the bawah tuan ma..cut the story short amanah saham 1malaysia [as1] should read in reversed 1sa.

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