Posted by: mylittlesnow | August 2, 2009

Read this -> If this is what ISA is all about, then GOD pls help us…

Ho ho ho. I think we have some serious issue here now. It seems that to some people in Malaysia, they already have a wrong idea or concept on ISA. Totally way off the mark. Uh-uhm… Try take a look at the picture posted in the Star newspaper report today. Look what’s written on the t-shirt from this guy  named Khairul.

Lone pro-ISA man makes it to the palace

Holy cow, it reads: ISA, Pertahankan Hak Hak Keistimewaan Orang Melayu.  Ueeeeekkk ??? Blueeeeekkk ????    :0

Is this what ISA is all about? Is ISA purely on protecting Hak Hak Melayu only? Fulamak, Houston, we have a serious problem here. I am not saying that i support ISA but I thought the original intent of ISA is to protect everyone in Malaysia? hehe, yeah, i am pretending that i don’ tknow and naive ok? 😛 But again, just take a look and see what’s happening in the minds of certain people in Malaysia. It is all so very wrong… *sigh*…

Oh by the way, i am very happy to see this picture. This is what i call, 1Malaysia, walking hand in hand…

Were all Malaysians, walking hand in hand... freeweelee gives a big thumbs up!!!

We're all Malaysians, walking hand in hand... freeweelee gives a big thumbs up!!!



  1. if isa pertahankan hak orang melayu how come hak orang melayu depleted and gone over the years?ISA is supossedly to protect malaysians from detrimental elements,how come we malaysians have to face bright daylight robberies done by the people vested with powers?.we have courts to hear rights or wrongs of anybody who seek justice,why the courts are not doing the right thing all in all must favour ISA-IKUT SUKA ANDA ! PI LAH MABOK! ! !

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