Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 31, 2009

More details on Amanah Saham 1Malaysia…

Ok. Here’s more details based on the news report obtained from the Star today.

Launching date: 5th August ’09

Allocation: 50% Bumiputra, 30% Chinese, 15% Indians and 5% to other races

Within 30 days from the launching date, there will be a RM50k cap limit for all investors below 55 years of age, and RM100k cap limit for investors above 55 years old. If you’re 55 years old on the dot, i don’t know, cannot buy perhaps? hehehe…

After 30 days, if the fund is still available, the cap purchase will be removed. But based on past history, i guess the fund should be sold out within 30 days, maybe in 3 days in my opinion.

By the way, i am not sure if this fund is the same as ASW and ASM where it’s gov guaranteed with each unit at fixed price of RM1. Can anyone help update?

Good luck and happy investing!


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