Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 29, 2009

Ambank credit card promotion sucks, big cheater !!!

I’m not going to waste much time writing about this but i just want to write to express my anger at Ambank Credit Card. You see, me and my wife were both at Ambank about 2 months back doing normal transaction when a lady from the desk approached us. We were told that Ambank Credit Card is having a Cashback promotion, and we’ll get 5% cashback when we spend at any petrol stations or at outlets such as Jusco, Tesco and Giant. On every Wednesday, we’ll get 10% cashback instead. And the promotion will end at the end of August. So i thought, why not since giving cashback is quite a norm nowadays with other credit card companies. So we filled up the form and apply for the credit card. Now here’s the first mistake that we made. It never crosses my mind that i should have request for any brochure or contract paper or anything regarding the promotion and read those little and very very little fine prints.

Anyway, when we first got the card, we spend la. As usual, then at the end of the month, when the first bill came, oops, no discount. It was then that we found out that we need to register our credit card first by sending sms to a number. WTF?  Dey, you go and check DirectAccess or HSBC or RHB credit card, they don’t ask or request their customer to register their credit card also to be entitled for promotion? You see, since the cashback promotion ends on 31st August, by default can’t Ambank just consider all new card applicants qualify for the cashback promotion? Damn stewpid… So anyway, ok, we type in the number and send the sms as requested lor.

So for the 2nd month, we spend and spend again and the bill comes… Aiks ??? No discount again ??? Hmm, feeling not satisfied at all, we called up the hotline number and that was when we found out that there is a RM100k pool limit each month and once the pool fund is used up, no more discount for that month. Me and my wife was like, WTF again? We weren’t told about this when asked to apply for this credit card? And then we checked our bill and found out that even the transaction done on the 1st day of the month was not entitled to cashback discount as well. WTF ??? 1st day of the month and we can’t get the promotion already, waffor Ambank write so nicely that the promotion valid till August 31st? Dei, i think you spend everyday also you won’t get the cashback la. Unless you try lining up at petrol station and at the stroke of midnite on the 1st day of the month, try pump the petrol and maybe you’ll get. I haven’t tried this method and i won’t lose my time and sleep just to confirm that i can get this discount only within a few minutes after the 1st day of the month.

All in all, i think this is one of the suckiest promotion from a credit card company. At least for other credit card companies, they will give you some free gift. I’ve got a bag and also umbrella when applying for other credit card but what about Ambank? Nothing !!! It was merely a bullshit promotion just to entice you to apply for the card. What a farking screw up promotion… Hehe…my short write up ends up to be kinda long eh? But you can bet that this will be the last time i’m gonna be an Ambank customer… 🙂 Screw Ambank!



  1. I have boycotted Ambank and MBF a long time ago. Recently I apply for a loan at a local bank. Guess what? An officer told me I still have hutang at Ambank. Disgusting!! I have settle my outstanding balance a long time ago (about 5 years) after some dispute. I was angry because someone has fraudulently use my card for transaction in the US!!! Ambank claimed they never receive my complaint! So when I quit I pay the outstanding balance. Ambank never updated its account and I end up in black list. Although my problem is over, I am still pissed off by Ambank and would not recommend anyone to have anything to do with both Ambank and MBF. By the way, is MBF still around?

    • unfortunately…yes.. MBF is still around… but they don’t have MBF bank…so i don’t know how the user pay for their credit card charges… care to share what happens for MBF credit card?

  2. HSBC pun sama! very idiotic bank. close account at counter, next month bill still got few cents left. call CS, they say will settle, so didnt do any action. then kena penalty. have to go settle at counter again, then pay with excess summore. otherwise, neverending story. very stupid bank.

    • few cents ok la… 😛

      at least it’s not a few hundred or a few thousand dollars… 😛

  3. its not abt the few cents. it’s about loosing your precious annual leaves, petrol, time and shits just to settle the stewpid few cents.

    • you know what…you got a valid point there man… i do think of all those indirect cost involved… 😛
      but most of the time…forgot to factor in that….

  4. i also kena tipu by ambank, at that month my husband charge about 2k when the statement came i didn’t see any rebate so i cal call centre they say i hav to sms first to register but b4 that i done already they say don hav ok la i ask her register 4 me they say cannot just can register through sms ok i do again, again next month also don hav rebate i call again then they say there is a limit for each month ‘may be’ it’s over the limit already, Kaki tipu
    someore about the govertment tax, i hav buy ambank insurance charge through credit card i ask my agent to waive the $50 then she say cannot, then how, what can i do terminate it i lost a lot, shit!

  5. a man came to my office yesterday to promote the Ambank cashback credit card with a 3 in one airtight container as a gift.. actually i’m only interested with the container.. so i just filled in the form..ahakSSs.. anyway, ur post really help! thanks ya!

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