Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 23, 2009

HP Deskjet F4280 Error Troubleshooting Guide

For those of you out there who owns a HP Deskjet F4280, here’s some troubleshooting tips for you. Btw, after using this printer for almost a year, i think almost a year la or maybe half a year at least… i don’t think i like this printer. The cartridge has failed me for the 2nd time running and i have to replace the color cartridge again. And worst part is i think there’s still some ink left inside the cartridge… arrrggghh !!! Have to waste another RM60 to buy a brand new color ink cartridge…

HP Deskjet F4280 Error Blinking Lights



  1. […] Originally posted here: HP Deskjet F4280 Error Troubleshooting Guide […]

  2. I got an ink cartridge stuck in the bottom of whwere the inl cartride SHOULD go. It is stuck and I can;t get it out. Please tell me there is an easier way other than tearing up my printer.

  3. hp f4280 is a total junk printer, i bought 2 color original ink cartridge (hp 60) but still error message appear. i used it only for more than a year. only first time replacement of ink.

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