Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 21, 2009

Amanah Saham Malaysia (ASM) open up for sale…again…

This time, a total of 1.6billion units are up for grabs… Up to 27th July, there’s a cap of RM20k per person, thereafter, it will be open to anyone without any cap limit. If you have some money, you can consider this and invest at your own risk. It’s getting too frequent that our government is opening up the funds for sale, tarak money? God knows…



1.6 billion units


Starting from 21 July 2009 – 27 July 2009


No allocation by ethnic and availability of fund is based on “first come first serve basis”.


20,000 units during the promotional period.

Thereafter if units still available, the maximum purchase cap will be removed.


Open to all existing and new Malaysian investors.

Investors who had earlier invested up to RM20,000 units of ASM during the promotion period of 21 April – 20 July 2009, can still invest an additional units of ASM up to RM20,000 from 21 July – 27 July 2009.



  1. xde duit camna nak invest… cukup makan je ni. terpaksa ikat perut tau tak?

  2. I went to get the shares today but by 10am,it was sold out;according to MAYBANK tellers. I had RM10K with me but returned home dissapointed.Your info mentioned UNTIL 27th but it was gone within an hour. How come?
    Do I have a chance again?

    • ahila…

      the fund size available is 1.6billion units… once it’s completely sold, then habis la… the 27th July is assuming the fund not yet finish by 27th…thereafter, it will open up the cap limit of RM20k…

      this time consider ok already because previously for ASW2020, all units available was completely sold off within 4hrs !!!! at least this time ASM only sold off on the 2nd day….

      p/s: i also went to bank today at around 10am and i got the same reply as you… 😦 …the moment i walked in… i saw disappointed customers walking down from bank…putting their hands up in the air.signaling… habis… i guess if you really want it badly, then you have to put in some extra effort like queuing up around 4-5am in the morning…. hehe….

  3. government takda duit..

  4. Dear friends, I heard that ASM and ASW2020 shares are not transferable ie my dad cannot pass his shares to me when he dies. Must go to Laywer to get a Letter of Administration and it costs 1 to 2% of the value sum. Is it true for all bonds ie government and private. Why can’t it be like EPF can nominate family members in the event of death. Thank you.

    • i think you can transfer the account ownership before the account owner pass away…

      but yes, once the account owner pass away, it’s a bit troublesome, you need to go to the office and make the necessary claims…
      i don’t know about the administration charge…

      in short, i don’t plan to put the money in there forever, unless i die suddenly, then can’t help it…but if everything goes well, i might just take the money out after retirement…

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