Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 18, 2009

Malaysia Boleh !!! Keep the list growing !!!

Credits to Yi Feng… but i think worth sharing in this blog…

Malaysia Boleh! In Malaysia,

1. We can buy a vehicle jack with RM5000;

2. We get a Balinese mansion on a 1.17acres land with just RM3.5M;

3. We can build a stadium that collapse within a yr (or less? can’t remembered);

4. We have government that will do all they can to ensure certain private businesses will also have expected profit;

5. We have system that can simply erase immigration records;

6. We have abundance of C4;

7. For entertainment purposes, We have plenty of $$ for our government officers to spend 40M in disneyland;

8. We can sell the same car model for 20yrs and still be proud of it;

9. We have MACC that means “Man! Aku Cincia Corrupt;….

10. We suka suka use Engrish, then suka suka use BM for teaching Science and Math, we suka suka skip Standard 3, then suka suka study back Standard 3;

11. We are better than David Copperfield in making people disappear, Now you see Bala, Now you don’t… *poof*;

12. We don’t interrogate rapist or murderer till 3:35am, but we interrogate a key witness (not even suspect) until the wee hrs in the morning;

13. We have an ex-PM who forgets easily, sudah lupa la…

14. We have many Malaysians lookalike, sounds like me, looks like me, but cannot be me la !!!

Please add help to the list of Malaysia Boleh…



  1. this is a good list!

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