Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 10, 2009

I hate Office 2007 !!!

I know Office 2007 was released for quite a while already but I just started using it today. And actually i did it against my own will as my company’s laptop came pre-installed with Office 2007. And boy, it was really a big hassle trying to re-learn the features and functions of Office 2007. I don’t geddit. Why Microsoft can’t just stick to the same old interface that everyone is already used to? They just have to simply re-design the user interface that left us old users scratching our heads. Here’s one example, previously it was easy for me to bring out the ‘Picture Tools’ for me to crop my picture but now, it is so damn hard trying to find the Picture Tools. After about 1hr trying and looking around, i only manage to get the ‘Crop’ button to be shown at Quick Access Toolbar. But i still can’t find a way to bring out the whole of Picture Toolbar. Sheesh, i’m really quite pissed now. Can’t they just stick to the old tried and tested formula? I don’t see any benefits at all using this new interface, except slowing down my work even more!



  1. Upgrade yourself man… I have been using Office 2007 without much hassle….If you want the picture toolbar, just click on the picture and the toolbar menu will automatically appear on the top. Same goes to graphs, pivot table, etc. I’ve had the same problem last time but after getting used to it, I think it’s better than previous versions.

  2. Me to, me to, initially, i still am having problems after using 2007 after a year, but overall you will learn to adept to the new way of doing things, I did! Some of the methods are just to different though, you have to google it up! But overall 2007 have more features especially for Power Point. Just keep trying……….

  3. ah pong…got automatically appear meh the picture toolba? i don’t see it…

  4. har… now using 2010 liau.. still 2007?

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