Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 3, 2009

A new ICE age…coming soon this Dec…

boy oh boy… i guess poison really runs deep and i’m re-kicking off my ICE hobby again… and it starts with this…

Pioneer P800PRS or fondly known as P80RS2 in Malaysia... yummy...

The main reason i bought this HU was for the EQ. This baby has independent L/R 16 bands of EQ and that should be sufficient for me. And it supports active setup as well but my only complain is for HPF, you can’t go anything below 2kHz so that means I can’t play semi-active if i would like to go for front 3-way setup. Initially i thought of using passive setup for my midrange and tweeter but i guess for now, i’ll need to stick with 2-way front. Will try to provide a formal review once i get my baby this November.

Goodye Nakamichi, Hello Pioneer! Ahh…



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