Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 2, 2009

freeweelee artiste of the month: Zee Avi

Ok ok, i admit. i don’t do this every month so maybe i should put it as artiste of the year or something like that. But i enjoy listening to new songs from new artistes and if they are those jazzy type of singer, or lounge or soul or swing type, i love it even more. hate pops for now so any britney alike type of singers will go straight to the dumps. Anyway, lets all give it up for Zee Avi. And i do specifically want to mention here that this young lass comes from our very own bolehland. Yup, she was born in Miri, Sarawak. More information available at wikipedia here. At the mean time, here’s her first single entitled ‘Bitter Heart’, enjoy! One thing is for sure now, i’m gonna get her album. 🙂

p/s: check out her original song ‘Just You and Me’. Personally i feel the original version is much better than the studio version. I simply love the slower pace as well as the simplicity of the song, just Zee and her ukulele…



  1. Zee Avi’s the best thing that has ever happened to the Malaysian music scene. Amazing singer with an amazing album.

    p/s: i think you meant “lass” instead of “lad”.

  2. ahh…yes…she’s a lady eh? my bad english..sorry… 🙂

    and yes… i think she’s unique…besides Jacqueline Victor…

    good to see we do have talented singers from Malaysia… and for once, it’s not rock or pop…. hehe….

  3. she’s our own norah jones…
    her voice’s so fantastic and impressive….
    easy- listening….

    i’m so proud that our bolehland can produce a unique female musician like her….

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