Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 2, 2009

BN’s Art of War: If you can’t win, then make sure you don’t lose !!!

Well well well, i thought for once, Barisan Nasional or maybe UMNO did the right thing by not contesting at the recently concluded Penanti by-election. Why did i say that? Well, i was watching TV news yesterday and i saw Najib giving his 2 cents on the Penanti by-election.

And guess what he was saying? Total voters turnout was less than 50%, so that means Pakatan Rakyat only obtained less than half of people’s votes in Penanti. So indirectly, that means Barisan is still popular, because if the other more than 50% people are not voting for Pakatan, we assume that they are voting for Barisan!

Next, the total votes obtained by Pakatan Rakyat this time around is roughly 1000+ votes less than what they got in the previous election. I can’t remember the actual numbers but it’s somewhere around the region of 1000 plus votes. That means, less people are supporting Pakatan Rakyat now compared to last year.

Fuuyoh, ain’t this a masterstroke from Barisan Nasional this time around? Technically, they did not lose at all in this by-election because in the first place, they did not compete. Amazing, truly a brilliant strategy. Although some of us might not be fooled by this, but i am confident that some might buy into the idea that BN indeed still holds the majority support of people.

So for once, hats off to Barisan for this strategy. And i will definitely learn from this as well, if I think i can’t win, then just don’t compete! So i won’t lose! Hehehehe…



  1. najis said there is this tract event,we disqualify ourselves to that event but we managed to touch the finish line first.the opponent last time clocked 10.5secs. now only 8.0secs.niammah!!!

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