Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 1, 2009

How much can you eat and how fast can you drink?

One of today’s interesting news from the Star newspaper is the result of a pizza eating contest, which was eventually won by Kobayashi. Now this guy’s name sounds very familiar to me, and when i searched Youtube, i found the answer. He is a four time former champion of hot dog eating contest. And I really couldn’t believe it when i saw the stats. It’s somewhere around the region of 60 to 66 hot dogs in 10 minutes. What !?!? That means this chap chumped down around 6 hot dogs in a minute! And he ain’t big size at all… Check out the video, which was captured in the year 2007, the year Kobayashi lost his title to his only true rival, Chestnut.

And if you’re still in awe, wondering how the hell those two guys just whack 60 dogs in 10 minutes, what about this fella from Japan as well. Just check out how fast this guy can drink a 1.5L of water. 🙂



  1. i wonder what sausage they serve…:p

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