Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 25, 2009

Malaysia Double Standard Boleh! RPK ‘s son caught, front page news, what about this one?

I remember the day when RPK’s son was caught, it was splashed across the front page of Kosmo (or was it Kosmos?). And they straight away named the defendant or accused as Raja Petra’s son. Boldly proclaiming that RPK’s son admitted to some theft crime he committed. I think this happened sometime around last week?

And today, check out this news la -> here. Malaysian Politician’s son caught with drugs. But never state down clearly who is the politician and which son? First son? Second son? Name? Definitely no names at all. So what for report out this kind of news? We know shit after reading the report, might as well no need to report out?

Malaysia Double Standard Boleh!!! šŸ™‚



  1. hi there i went through your blog and read about this. well, many media being control by the goverment and for sure they do not want to leak the bad things about themselves which wouldn’t benefit them

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