Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 14, 2009

Malaysia: Land of land scams…

Looks like i will never ever trust BN to rule any of the states in Malaysia ever again. Over here in Penang, we already know that there’s an existing case pending investigation where Penang state stands to lose around RM40million due to land scam. Any now we have more scams uncovered by the current Selangor goverment. And God knows how many more cases are out there waiting to be discovered. This is the effect of handing power to a single group of party over 50 years. They thought that they can do what they want and luckily, we, Malaysians woke up and now it’s time to korek korek korek. I tell you la, no need to check on land scam only. we can simply tutup both eyes and simply korek and i bet you can korek out some scams. That’s how bad my perception is towards BN government right now.

Check out the Star news report here. How the hell can you give plots to a 5 year old kid? Malaysia Boleh yet once again…

Plots given to five-year-olds and grassroots politicians


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