Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 14, 2009

Being top scorer does not guarantee you oversea trip la…

Top scorers discover again PSD scholarships are not guaranteed

Just take a look at the numbers of top scorers in our country? 13A1s, 18 A1s, fulamak, melambak betui! Remember the old days when even scoring 8 or 9A1s is extremely hard? And to get 10A1s, you really really have to be real good.

But what about now? There are simply too many top scorers available. And this has sort of ‘dilute’ the achievement of those really good ones out there. And when you have so many top scorers around, obviously, you can’t have as many scholarship available to support each and every one of them.

I think the root cause of this problem goes back to our Education Ministry. They should set a quota or adjust the graph for grades to control the number of top scorers. What’s the point of publishing that the number of students scoring As increase in every subjects every year, yet most of us know that our country’s education system is going down.

And imagine the suffering from the students who studied hard, and they thought they get all A1s and expect a scholarship as reward but yet they don’t geddit eventually. Ok, fair enough, personally i think they should not expect that scholarship is guaranteed if they score all As. Nothing is guaranteed in this world and they have to live with it. But like i said, it’s also sad to see the students being disappointed.

So i hope that our Education Ministry will be able to solve this problem. They should not focus on publishing ‘good’ results, like 100% English passing for PMR or SPM, but the fact is most of us talk Engrish, meself included, hehe.

Seriously, i still cannot imagine someone scoring 18A1s. What the …. #$@#%^? Super human? hehe…


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