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@mymailbox: Malays under threat in Malaysia?

I received this forwarded email and i am posting it here, unedited, the very same version as received in my mailbox. The email content after jump…

The current raging issues in Malaysia have been picked up by most foreign media.

The Unity Party WA – a well known political party in Perth noted for its fights for human rights wrote to our new PM Datuk Seri Najib asking for his comments on Dr. M’s recent claim that the Malays are under threat in Malaysia .

Its President sent a copy of his email to a long list of recipients shown below. It will be interesting to read of our PM’s reply if he chooses to respond.


From: Unity Party WA []

Sent: Wednesday, 8 April 2009 8:33 AM



Cc: Editor-Yomiuri S.; Editor-Strait Post sg; Editor-Indomedia; Editor-Asian Tribune; Editor- Apple Daily tw; Editor – Zaobo sg; Editor -Wenxue City; Editor – United D/N Tai; Editor – The Star; Editor – The Asian Age; Editor – Taipei Times; Editor – Sohu; Editor – SingTao – fr; Editor – Singtao; Editor – Sing Tao – uk; Editor – Nihao; Editor – Malaysia Today; Editor – La Presse Chinoise; Editor – Dim Sum; Editor -ChannelnewsAsia; Editor – Brunei Times; Editor – Bangkok Post; Editor -Apple Daily; SBS Radio Perth; sbs Radio; SBS – Sydney; Editor-W.N.Wkly-Qld; Editor – WAFM1049; Editor – Saigon Post; Editor – Qld A.B. Wkly;Editor – Pacific Times; Editor – Indian; Editor – DCH Mel; Editor -Chinesent; Editor – C.M.D Mel; Editor – Aus.Chinese daily; Editor -Aus.Ch.Weekly; Editor – asiabusinessweekly; Editor – ACNW vic; Editor -ACA; Editor – A.C.Times; President – Press club NZ; Chair – CPU uk;Commission – eu; President – CJFE ca; President – NPC us; President -Press Cl ch; President – Press Cl id; President – Press cl in; President -Press cl lao; President – Press cl ma; President – Press cl nz; President- Press cl -sg1; President – Press cl sm; President – Press Cl ta;President – Press Cl ug; President – Press cl uk; President – Press Club -india; President – Press Council; Paul Murray; Manager-ABC – TV; Manager -TV/9 Perth; Manager – TV/10 Perth; Manager – Channel 7; Howard Satlier;Editor-West Australian; Editor-Sydney Morning H; Editor-Sunday Times;Editor-Courier Mail; Editor-Advertiser; Editor – Xenox; Editor – WA News;Editor – the Australian; Editor – Sun Herald; Editor – News Digital;Editor – LINKS; Editor – Jim Marrs; Editor – Heraldsun; Editor – GetUp;Editor – Crikey; Editor – AJA; Editor – AFR; Editor – 6PR; CEO – 2 UERadio; Editor – Today Tonight; Editor – News; Hong Lim MP; Iris Wang – MP;Senator – Henry Tsang; Senator – M. Choi; Presideent – He Nan Asn;President – WHF; President – WACCC; President – SDU; President – SAWA;President – HKABA; President – He Tong Huey; President – FCMA; President -Chung Wah Asn; President – CAU; President – CAF; President – Bruni Club;President – ACMF; President – ACB/Club; Mayor – Marrickville; Mayor -Auburn; Jack Au – Auburn; Councillor – Sandra. Liu; Chang Zhidan;President – Fujian Asn; Editor – AVAAZ; Editor – AVAAZ; Editor – AVAAZ;

Editor – AVAAZ; Editor – avaaz; Editor – BBC; Editor – Belgian Today; Editor – DW Radio; Editor – Enquiro; Editor – Free Press ca; Editor – Globe Mails; Editor –; Editor – Guardian; Editor -guardian uk; Editor – Gulf Times; Editor – Haaretz; Editor – Haaretz; Editor – Het Belang be; Editor –; Editor – Independent; Editor –

ITV; Editor – New York Times; Editor – SF Gate; Editor – TV Be; Editor -TV7 fr; Editor –; Editor – WSJ; Editor; Editor-political Comments; Editor-L’; Editor-Toronto Star; John Pilger; Manager – TV Europe

Subject: Fw: Mamak, O Mamak ! The mamakutti


Malaysian Prime Minister,

Dear Prime Minister,

We refer to the email below from one of our members for your information.

Would you like to comment, please?

We look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours respectfully,Eddie Hwang


Unity Party WA

Ph/fax: 61 893681884

Date: 08-Apr-009.

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—– Original Message —–

From: A Member


Sent: Monday, April 06, 2009 10:07 PM

Subject: FW: Mamak, O Mamak ! The mamakutti>

Mahathir claimed that the Malays are under threat. Under threat from whom? Can the Malays be under threat:-


> From a minority 35% of the population over the majority 65% which are made up of Malays?


> From a less than 10% minority in the Police, Army, Judiciary, Attorney General Office and MACC which are predominantly filled by Malays?


> From a minority of the Members of Parliament where Malays make up more than 60% the majority?


> From a group who doesn’t control the air, sea and land? These are controlled by UMNO and its cronies such as MAS, AirAsia, MISC, Toll Concessionaires, NAZA, Proton and Perodua.


> From a group who doesn’t control the supply of basic necessities such as food, water and utilities? These are monopolised by UMNO cronies such as Bernas (rice and flour), Water Concessionaires (SPAN, SYABAS, etc), Telekom (telephone), Tenaga (electricity) , etc


> From a group who doesn’t control the main stream media. The mass media are wholly controlled by UMNO and its cronies such as Utusan Melayu, Berita Harian, New Straits Times, The Star, The Sun, MediaPrima (TV1, TV2, TV3, TV, TV8, TV9 and all the Radio Stations), ASTRO, etc? Lately even Harakah and Suara Keadilan have been banned!


> From a group whose mother tongue and religion aren’t enshrined in the Federal Constitution where Malay is the official language and Islam is the official religion? Other groups can’t even hold any interfaith dialogues and use of the word of Allah without being severely intimidated by protests, storming of conferences and warnings from UMNO!


> From a group who can’t be appointed the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Mentri Besars and a host of high positions in the Malay states as enshrined in the state constitution or decree by the Sultans where only Malays from UMNO can be appointed?


> From a group who are ever subjected to intimidation of arrest under the flimsiest excuse using the ISA, the Police, MACC, etc and a myriad of repressive laws such as the Sedition Act, Multimedia Act and treason against the Sultans, etc? Of course UMNO are spared from such actions and above such laws. It is a blatant lie that the non-Malays can ever threaten the Malays. Who is actually threatening the Malays?


> From the look of things, UMNO finger prints are everywhere – UMNO Malays are actually the ones threatening and stealing from the ordinary Malays and non-Malays. Someone has to be the punching bag and scapegoat for UMNO’s cling to power and thievery – hence putting the blame on non-Malays! UMNO is a racist party and it is very clear that they are separating the Sultans from their subjects and the Malays from the non-malays for their own selfish ends without a thought of the consequences and our economy !



  1. This is a very subtle ploy to instil a fear factor so as to remain in power,

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