Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 9, 2009

Do you think this fat bitch is using key chain or pepper spray?

Look at the video and see for yourself. Looks like key chain or pepper spray? Some say is thumb drive…hehehe…

Not bad eh…if it’s really key chain, next time i also wanna do like that… maybe it’s a holy key chain and can cast away the devil?



  1. […] Original post by kevyeoh […]

  2. OKU with pepper spray?…isn’t that illegal in 51 states? hahaha…..

  3.’s a key chain… and key chain legal ma…kekeke…

  4. key chain that acts as a pepper spray…still it is illegal, in 52 states now…tomorrow 53 states. hahaha

    hey i know la what she was holding, i have the same exact piece….want me to hold and point at you too buddy? hhohhohohoho….

  5. the way she held it definitely pepper spray.she is not that dump knowingly what can happen that day.she came well armed to her teeth ma,a crouching tiger.

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