Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 7, 2009

Bugger, don’t use handbag la!

Grrrr, geram only when i think of it. I read at Malaysia Today that another pregnant woman died yesterday morning in a snatch theft incident. She was ran over by a car. This is the second casualty in the past two days. A day earlier, a one month pregnant woman died when she fell face first onto the pavement after snatch thieves grabbed her bag.

Now how many times have we actually read this kind of news report? You know what, this time i won’t be blaming anyone else except you ladies. Ok, curse me all you want but it’s for your own good and safety god damnit. It’s a known fact that we do hear cases of snatch theft happening occasionally in Malaysia, so if you already know, why use handbag somemore la? It’s not like you can’t live without a handbag? I told my wife not to use it since it will expose her to risk of snatch incident and she has already stop using handbag ever since. And there wasn’t any problem at all? If you need to store some of the big stuff, try asking your husband to help you carry them? Or why not put it inside the backpack? I know it looks ugly but aren’t we suppose to place safety above everything else?

Come on, for the sake of your own safety, try not to use handbag anymore ok? Think of you, your family and all the other loved ones around you, look at the recent two cases where both women died and left their children behind. Do you want this to happen to you? If no, stop using handbag NOW ! Don’t be ignorant, and don’t depend on the men in blue to help you get rid of snatch thieves.

Report from Malaysia Today available here.



  1. your argument is same as stop asking women to wear clothes that expose their body to avoid getting rape. it come back to same conclusion, it’s the women faults. raping snatching can happened to anybody (yes, it includes guys too), and yet its the victim who gets to be blame.

  2. sumuk,

    err…i beg to differ your point/statement. it is not exactly the same as women wear sexy, kena rape then kena blame as victim. This is not what i meant.

    my point is…you as a potential victim, what can you do yourself to prevent this from happening?

    it’s because this is not the first time it’s happening for snatch theft. and we don’t have a proper solution to prevent this from happening. So if it’s within your control, why not try to prevent it from happening? Do you still want to depend on the men in blue to safeguard you all the time?

    if you want to take rape case example, i don’t agree with wearing sexy, then kena rape, and the woman kena blame as victim. No, i don’t agree with that. For that case, my input will be, don’t go anywhere alone, try to go out with friends, in a group…that is the prevention that you can do… by all means, go wear whatever you feel is comfortable and can make you feel good…nothing wrong with that…

    hope that clarifies my posting… 😉

  3. when i was younger, my great-grandma used to wear this nice vest (usually white) worn under her baju kurung. my mum used to jahit a few for her. on that vest you have pockets to put your money. so i would suggest we bring back that vest legacy to help the women being victimize again. plus wearing a vest looks nice. tidy…smart looking. that would be my humble idea for the women. stop bringing those handbags or purses.

  4. oh i forgot to mention, each time my great-grandma wants to reach for her money, she’d hike up the baju kurung just enough to reach the lower pocket of her vest. or what she would do is slide a hand into the pocket of her baju kurung to get the money. come to think of it, our people long ago are rather creative.

  5. haha…dude… your solution is useful only if we are carrying money + maybe some other small documents like identity card…

    if wanna carry make up accesories, handphone…susah sikit la brudder….

  6. brudder, makeup will be no use if you end up dead kan? handphone can fit, even in back pocket of tight jeans can fit. 🙂

    it’s an idea, it might help save lives.

  7. hey hey hey…tell this to the ladies man… but be prepared to be bombarded back with full range missles…hehehe….

  8. I agree with kevyeoh, absolutely.

    Safety is anytime more important than beauty and style. Safety is definitely more important than convenience.

    It was safe and stylish to carry handbag before, but now, not anymore.

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