Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 5, 2009

Please help these dogs @ Pulau Ketam…

First of all, to those who dump these poor dogs (around 300 of ’em) at a remote island near Pulau Ketam, fuck you all to hell!  You guys are the worst scum of the earth. I hope one day that you will be dump on an island as well and left to fend for yerself. I know it’s being a nuisance for all of you have stray dogs around but i am sure there are better ways to tackle this. I’ve seen advertisement offering free spaying service before previously. There’s also the SPCA. Or if you really have to ‘kill’ the dogs, i think it’s better to put them to sleep through injection rather than dumping them on a remote island. Some of the dogs even resorted to cannibalism, eeeew, i am about to puke as i’m writing this.

This is so freaking not right ! And thank God, we still have good people around all over Malaysia. So if you think that you are one of them, if you can’t lend a helping hand to transport and rescue the dogs from the island, maybe the least you can do is to donate! So head over to Pulau Ketam dog rescue mission website here. There are lots of information there, pics, updates as well as the bank acc information is available there.

I was dump and left for dead...Help me pls? *sob* *sob*

I was dump and left for dead...Help me pls? *sob* *sob*

So why wait somemore? Time is running out, it doesn’t matter if you donate RM1 or RM10 or RM50 as long as we all chip in and help. Please save these dogs and puppies. and may God bless you for your kindness.



  1. Dogs are dogs , human are human . Since god hv given us the sixth sense we think we can do all that we like without realising ( or we refuse to realise ) that dogs and human are the creation of the same natural forces . What to do even the one and the only nature’s force is already divided by we human and created a divide so much so we human ourselves treat each other worst than dogs so how to treat dogs ( the real ones ) as a living creature ?

  2. Please note that those people have already cashed money to neuter or spay their dogs…And have used the funds to buy traps, catch the strays, and dump them on the desert island.. So why give them more money??
    What those bastards pseudo human need, is education!!It’s too late for the abused and abandoned dogs…I feel sick at heart !!

  3. Lauree,

    we are not giving money to the Pulau Ketam residents….we are giving money to this animal activist who’s going to catch the dogs and bring them to SPCA or other places…and not back to Pulau Ketam…so we’re not giving money to the same people who dump the dogs at Pulau Ketam…

  4. Yes fully agree that we should not pay to Pulau Ketam residents as they will use the monies to abandoned the dogs again by ferrying them to another remote island!!!

  5. If I ever see someone from Pulau Ketam, I will scold him or her properly!

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