Posted by: mylittlesnow | April 20, 2009

the rainbow story…

When i report to work early in the morning today, there was a beautiful rainbow. A sight to behold since you don’t get to see rainbows that often. And when i showed my wife about the rainbow, she asked me… do you know the rainbow story? I said no and asked her, ok… so what’s the story about?

Here’s the story…

If you’re a Christian, then you should be familiar with this story, for others, just take it as a story. Remember the Noah’s ark story? Some time long long ago, there was once when God decided to flood the whole earth. And there was this guy called Noah. God instructed him to build a big ark and fill the ark with a pair of every species of animals found on this planet. And indeed, once Noah fulfilled God’s order, there was this big flood and Noah and the rest of the animals in the ship survived. So God told Noah and made a promise to him, for as long as there is rainbow, there will never be a big flood happening again…

So that’s the story of the rainbow la, and since we’re still seeing rainbows around, i guess it’s not the end of the world yet huh?


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