Posted by: mylittlesnow | April 17, 2009

P1 Wimax @ Penang, it’s actually WiMin only…

I got very excited when P1 announced recently that they will be launching Wimax in Penang.  And yes, true enough, it happened. Whooo! We have Wimax in Penang now… but wait… something is not right and allow me to explain why…

I tried checking for coverage at my residence area and i was very disappointed when i found there’s no Wimax at the area where i’m staying at right now. WTF? You launched a service, superb publicity and marketing campaign, and then you tell a customer, ‘Sorry la, but your area tarak coverage?’. Fuuyoh, if that’s the case, you might as well don’t launch the service first!

You see how big the green spot is, 10% out of total Penang area?

You see how 'big' the green spot is, 10% out of total Penang area?

You know, i visited Penang’s PC Fair today and basically, you can see a big bunch of sales people from different internet service providers, Steamyx, Maxis, Celcom and P1 la. And of course i have a little bit of fun meeting with the P1 sales ppl when they asked me to subscribe the service.

P1 sales: Excuse me sir, are you interested in getting P1 Wimax? We have up to 10Mbps, you can try it at our demo booth.

Me: Really? Wow, cool! Yes yes, i wanna try.

P1 sales: You see, youtube streaming, no problem. Very fast.

Me: Ok, no problem, how much is the package?

Sales rep explain this and that, package plan, rates, startup cost etc…

Me: Ok la, sounds good so how ar? My area can get Wimax or not?

P1 sales: Well, let me know your area and i can help you check.

Me: Ok, try check xxx area and see. That’s my place.

P1 sales: I’m sorry sir but your area is not under Wimax coverage. Maybe you can leave us your contact number and we will let you know once there is coverage?

Me: Eerrr, like that ar, no need la. Next time only i subscribe…

*smiling, grinning while walking away…


Who ask you to provide WiMin service only? So limited coverage? Don’t blame me ya! 😛



  1. P1 wimax is now available at the following location:

    1.Lebuh Macallum,Penang
    2.Jalan C Y Choy,Penang
    3.Jalan Burma,Penang
    4.Pulau Tikus,Penang
    5.Persiaran Gurney,Penang
    6.Jalan Gottlieb,Penang
    7.Bagan Jermal,Penang
    8.Mount Erskine,Penang
    9.Pulau Tikus,Penang
    10.Partly Jalan Tanjong Tokong,Penang
    11.Jalan Argyll,Penang
    12.Jalan Penang,Penang
    13.Jalan Perak,Penang
    14.Jalan Free School,Penang
    15.Jalan Terrenganu,Penang
    16.Jalan P Ramlee,Penang
    17.Taman Pelangi Juru,Seberang Perai
    18.Mukim 11 Bukit Tengah,Seberang Perai
    19.Jalan Grove ,Air Itam,Penang
    20.Sunway, Seberang Perai
    21.Raja Uda, Butterworth
    22.Jalan Telaga Air, Butterworth
    23.Chain Ferry, Butterworth

    For more information, please call
    Daniel Eng
    HP: 0124233678

    • my location at Bayan Lepas, Kampung Jawa have wimax conection or not. If have how to used it. need to register. How to conect it.

    • Daniel,

      8.Mount Erskine,Penang

      My foot. There is no P1 Wimax at this location yet lah.

  2. my location at Solok Damai, Desa Palma, Bukit Mertajam have wimax conection or not? Thanks

  3. p1 wimax is so suck! alot ppl go sign up n also alot ppl go to potong p1, p1 is cheater

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