Posted by: mylittlesnow | April 17, 2009

Oh damn, another by-erection?

It seems to me that Malaysia is suffering from political erectile dysfunction. So to solve this problem, we take the Viagra and now there’s never ending by-erection happening.

Previously, we have Permatang Pauh getting the erection, Then we have Kuala Terengganu, then the recent two balls ‘bukit’ with the batang Ai, and now suddenly i think everyone thinks that all this b*llshit should stop and shouted, NANTI dulu, dah boring nih! So i hope the end is near, and it will end at peNANTI.

Forgive me for this nonsense article but i’m getting some headache as well with the neverending bye-erection, uhh…yes, i think i’m talking cock right now… cookadooo-dle-doooo…



  1. bn/umno could not squeezzedd the two bukits only got one batang i[ooops ai],so the next thing is a penanti,appropriately is another penantian yang amat menyiksakan.meanwhile lets baywatch the happenings in tranganukite.

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