Posted by: mylittlesnow | April 4, 2009

Hail Najis! Thank you for releasing 13 Hindraf members, and lifting ban on 2 news publications!

You know, in Chinese, or probably should i say Hokkien, there’s a phrase called ‘Gao Cho Lang’. If you translate it over, it means knowing how to become a good person. But to do it, you need to be honest and sincere. Keeping it real all the time and not faking it.

In the case of Najis, the way i see it, he’s not keeping it real dude. In his capacity as Deputy Prime Minister previously, he had millions and millions of opportunity to release the Hindraf members. He could have commented or do something about the ban on the news publications back then but no, he did nothing at all. In fact, back then, i don’t believe that Badawi was the one who ordered the detention of HINDRAF members, as well as the recent ban on the news publications. No, this is not the Badawi that we know of. So if it’s not him, who else did it? Hmm, you know, i know.

So Najis, nice try dude, but i am not going to be fool by you this time. No, no more. Don’t act as if you’re an angel and by doing this, we will think that you are serious about reforms. You tangkap and you ban, then you reverse the actions when all these should not have happened in the first place. And you know what, now you’re making as if Badawi is the bad guy here ya know. Shame on you…



  1. why thanks najib, you should thanks Anwar Al-Jubori for giving the pressure to Najib.

  2. why thanks najib, Mr Hee should thanks Chua sok lek or MCA, SUPP oe even Gerakan

  3. Hai Hee, why thanks najib, you should thanks your grandpa al -jubor, your grandma al -jubor, your pa al-jubor, your ma al-jubor and last not on the list your family al-jubor…

    from Black 14 club

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