Posted by: mylittlesnow | April 2, 2009

Today i shall be talking about Altan..*beep* *beep*… i mean Aminah…

For what will be considered a first in the world, i just found out that two days ago, our Malaysian Home minister banned the opposition from using the word ‘Altan..*beep*beep*. Isn’t that a sensational move and a masterstroke? Wow, they thought that by banning the opposition from calling out the name, it should them more good. But actually, i am even more disgusted with our Home Minister now. I think he left his blain somewhere la and probably it’s gone for good cause he never seem to recover his grey matter since last time up to this day. Remember about the police beat base issue, where this fella commented that it’s not safe for the police to be there, so they have to move out?

How many more brainless statements and directives we have to tolerate from our Home Ministry? From time to time, what-eh-vah statement that is coming out from that botak guy is really making me puke!

Thou shall not speaka the words of Al... ah ah ah.... :P

Thou shall not speaka the words of 'Al...' ah ah ah.... 😛


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