Posted by: mylittlesnow | April 1, 2009

Happy April Fools Day !!!

Aiyoyo, never thought that i will fall into an April Fools prank yet again. I thought i reminded meself already that it’s 1st of April today. None of my friends seem to be playing any prank on me so i thought ahh, for the first time eh-va, no April Fools joke. Then when i was about to download American Idol’s latest episode from my favourite torrent site, i was shocked to see that it has become EZSPORTS !!! Yikes, all sports programs only and no series? Aiyoyoyo, i retype the URL a few times to make sure that i’m typing the right URL but still the same thing. I even googled for EZTV just in case if this website changes its URL la. It was when the google result showed a discussion thread from a forum that i realized, it’s April Fool la! aiyoyo… Well, i guess i will only get to download my series tomorrow…

Btw, check out another prank from Youtube. To view, make sure you stand on your ceiling with your head hanging down. 🙂

Youtube April Fools


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