Posted by: mylittlesnow | March 29, 2009

*ptui*… tak guna punya orang #2 nih…

Ohh man, i really hate this type of person. He will thrash you, kick you and leave you for dead when he really needs to for his own good. And then when he achieved what he wanted, he will act as if he’s an angel and ask you for forgiveness, helping you to clean your wound up. But he seems to forget that he was the one who caused all this problem in the first place.

*ptui* *ptui* *ptui*… now this is what i call the real scum of the earth. And look no further than our very own newly appointed *you know what party* deputy president. When he wanted to garner support to get his deputy post, he openly thrash talk and bad mouthed our then prime minister, Bodohwi. And now, he publicly apologized for his actions?

What kind of shitass is this guy? He should be counting his lucky stars since Bodohwi is really a nice guy and never kick the shit out of him previously but i think the damage has already been done. You stab a person straight in the heart when it really matters and then you expect that very person to forgive you after a public apology?

Haha, Najis, you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout i’m telling you why, your #2 is coming for ya! It’s just a matter of time… if he can do it to Bodohwi, what makes you think you won’t be his next target? hehehehe… love this… Check out the Malaysiakini’s report ‘ Muhyiddin to PM: I have done wrong, , forgive me’ here.

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