Posted by: mylittlesnow | March 29, 2009

American Idol: Adam Lambert rocks !!!!

Well well well, i think for this season of American Idol, we already have the winner here. Personally i think this guy has been performing consistently well ever since the first day and he is definitely a class act. I was first impressed by his rendition of ‘Black Or White’ but his performance this week totally blew me away by a million miles. I have totally no idea who the hell is Smokey Robinson and i have definitely never heard of the song ‘Track of My Tears’ before but after Adam sang it, i tell meself that i’ve definitely gotta grab meself a copy of Smokey Robinson’s greatest hits CD, the only extra thing that i can wish for is for them to include Adam’s rendition as bonus track.

I have been listening to this song from Adam over and over again. The way he sang it was beautiful, simple and sweet and very soothing to your heart and soul. Truly amazing and if you missed his performance last Wednesday, check out the youtube video below. I bet you will agree with me it was a hawt hawt performance! Adam rawks man, although for once he didn’t rock la…hehe…

And here’s the original version from Smokey Robinson & The Miracles. With all due respect to them, personally i still like the version presented by Adam Lambert.

And lastly, here’s another cover version of this song performed by Boyz II Men. Not bad, not bad at all…



  1. love him since day one on the audition
    awesome singer, awesome guy, awesome attitude

  2. ooppss i mean audition week

  3. but adam lambert is soo sooosooo… BOY GEORGE!!!

  4. i predict that Adam Lambert will sign with some kind of record company no matter what happens after this Idol season is over

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