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@mymailbox: Man Utd rants for the past few days…

Ok, here’s the deal. I am not sure if this was taken from some blog posting or what, but i received it via email from a friend of mine. And i thought it was pretty funny although i’m a red devil meself. Actually, i have been on a self imposed exile from all football news for the past 2 weeks, ever since Man Utd lost 1-4 to Liverpool. And after that followed by another defeat to Fulham. I just don’t geddit. They beat Fulham 4-0 at FA Cup and now succumbed to a -0-2 defeat against the same team, what the heck is this? Anyway, here’s the original unedited email post entitled ‘Man Utd rants for the past few days…’  after the jump…



I believe we have serious problems

I believe Fergie has gone soft and I’m not just talking downstairs

I believe Ronaldo is forcing us to sell him because asking us to didn’t work

I believe Rooney needs to be taken out back and have the shit beat out of him

I believe EVDS needs to make arrangements now for a good old folks home

I believe Ben Foster is not the heir

I believe that both Rafael and Fabio should be starting

I believe that Patrice Evra has either lost a step and gone stupid or he is fighting an injury and has gone stupid.

I believe Liverpool will steal the EPL title because we will choke it away.

I believe we are an undisciplined mob that’s almost as bad as Chelsea and Arsenal have been in the past.

I believe Mike Phelan is my favorite muppet of all time. Even better than Cookie Monster and Fozzy Bear.

I believe Paul Scholes needs to retire and face the fact he hasn’t got the endurance and stamina nor the speed to play at the highest level anymore.

I believe Gary Neville should have given up the captaincy a long time ago because leadership does not work from the training table or the hospital.

I believe Gary Neville should also retire as there no longer room for him.

I believe Anderson has been completely misused and destroyed under SAF.

I believe that Anderson should now be sold because of irreparable damage that changing him from his natural position which was LMF/LW has done to him.

I believe Nani has also been misusded and mentally abused by Fergie. SAF’s head games have not worked with the lad and have caused him to regress. He’s too talented to be wasted here and on the bench.

I believe that either Nemaja Vidic or Owen Hargreaves are the most qualified to be our next captain. I think Rio has shown no leadership of late and has canceled himself out of the running. I think Fergie procrastinating on naming him captain has damaged as Terry being kept on as captain for England has. He deserved better and getting the shaft from both of his teams has distracted him and made him loose his edge and focus.

I believe Park is a role player and should only play against teams with outstanding wingers and attacking fullbacks.

I believe discipline on this club has reached an all time low under Ferguson.

I believe the inmates have taken over the asylum. Ferguson needs to take back control and he needs to bring the hammer down on Ronaldo and Rooney.

I believe Ronaldo and Rooney should both be suspended or benched for five EPL games or until they grow up.

I believe Tevez is half the player he was last year and it’s time for him to go.

I believe that SAF treatment of Tevez from the very beginning of the season has been terrible and has contributed to the Apache’s fall from grace.

I believe Dimtitar Berbatov is an outstanding talent but is also a fair weather player who is lazy and who only suits less ambitious teams or the Italian style of play which is slower and more suited to his pace and strengths.

I believe that Fergie made a big error in buying Berbatov and not buying the far superior goal machine known as Kaas Jan Huntelaar.

I believe that Berbatov is a major liability to our style of play and he is unable to play in this system and especially against top opponents. Therefore, he needs to be sold.

I believe Rooney should never under any circumstances be given the captaincy unless he grows the **** up.

I believe the team need t hire a competent and qualified assistant coach who can help with tactics, man management and especially discipline and communication.

I believe United are shameful for still wearing the appalling AIG logo on their shirts. Is money everything to this team?

I believe Fergie should seriously consider retiring at season’s end if the club has a strong chance of hiring someone like Jose Mourinho.

I believe the team has greatness and potential written all over it but lack of discipline, fatigue and loss of focus and hunger from the top down is threatening to derail a dream season.

I believe the club needs to address it’s goalkeeping, CMF/DMF needs and we also need to look for the definitive attacking winger who will compliment Ronaldo or replace him. Someone like Ribery would be a great replacement and Silva would be a good addition. We also need to find a goal scorer.

I believe it’s time to promote either Welbeck or Campbell to #3 striker.

I believe we need to forget about Benzema and go after Aguero

I believe we need to find a player who is hard as nails and has grit to help lead this club.

I believe that that very little will change and as usual, United fans will get ignored with the perpetual slap in the face from the arrogant leaders of this club who never seem to care what we think. I should have been a Newcastle supporter. More like a ****ing disgrace and the most childish player in the world.

Berbatov. Time to ****ing wake up or go back to Bulgaria. I have always like the skill of this player but even I have to question right now if he has a pulse. Lazy and lacking the energy, commitment and urgency that is needed from a player in his position. The comparisons to Cantona are myth now. At least the King ran harder and cared more. How many shots on goal did this guy have? ZERO. That’s not what he is paid for. Then again, can he be totally blamed when service to him is nonexistent.

Rooney is a childish little imp who needs to have his shorts pulled down and a paddle taken to his white ass. What he did today may actually cost us the EPL title. It was juvenile and it was selfish. He will be banned for a minimum three games and then Fergie should bench him for another five to assist the child in growing up. Perhaps a new double crib and playpen can be brought into the United dressing room where he and Ronaldo can be placed in. And lets not forget the soothers.

Sir Alex Ferguson. All year I have said and complained that Fergie looked and acted too content with himself and that his attitude of doing absolutely nothing and not taking out the hairdryer was eventually going to blow up in his face. Well he needs to ask himself whether he still has the bottle for it? Does he care enough or is he worried his temper will bring on a heart attack or stroke at his age? The team needs a loud, violent and passionate kick in the bollocks and hard decisions need to be made. The team has not only played poorly but has lost their collective and individual composure. Discipline is gone. Is this an Alex Ferguson run team? I could have sworn AV Grant was manging the team and allowing the inmates to run the asylum. And memo to Fergie, they allow three substitutions in a game. Try using all of them and using them for a purpose. Any ten players out there today other than our keeper could have or should have come off for another. What were you saving the last change for, the toilet? I am disappointed and more than little alarmed by his seemingly lack of anger and passion through all this. Heads need to roll.



  1. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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