Posted by: mylittlesnow | March 23, 2009

Openly corrupt Chief Minister – first in the world?

I have been trying to refrain myself from commenting on this issue, hoping that something might happen maybe after a few days. But then i don’t think that’s likely gonna happen. Malacca’s current Chief Minister, Ali Rustam, has been barred from contesting in UMNO’s election due to money politics. And like i said, i was hoping that there will be more actions taken but seems like this case will be swept under the carpet as well, just like many other cases previously.

So here we go, Malaysia has created a history of sort by having a minister who has been openly declared as corrupt. So i guess it’s truly Malaysia Boleh… hopeless, so hopeless that i don’t even have the mood to write anything further. What else can we do if someone who has been found guilty of corrupt practice is allowed to remain as Chief Minister? Really super duper totally hopeless… i rest my case… *end*



  1. Orang Melayu di Tanah Melayu, harus MALU kerana tidak takut lepada Allah. Ali Rustam mesti lepaskan pos Ketua Menteri Melaka; jika tidak rakyat akan tetap melihat orang melayu itu korup dan tidak bermoral…………………. BE A GENTLEMAN, RESIGN ALI…………………………

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