Posted by: mylittlesnow | March 23, 2009

House renovation tips… #1: Hire only one contractor and maintain as focus contact point

Probably i’m going to start a series of posting in me blog talking about house renovation tips. Most of us will not be doing this many times, it’s probably gonna be once in a lifetime stuff or maybe 2 or 3 times? And furthermore, it’s a costly activity so there’s definitely not much room for error. So i think it’s good to share on need to know stuff.

So here’s the first one…

#1. Do not engage a few contractors to work on common stuff

Ok, i don’t really know how to put it in subject, but what i’m trying to say is for example, if you’re going to build an auto gate system, so make sure that you hire only one contractor to do the work. Do not engage one contractor to build the gate for you and then engage another contractor to install automatic gate motor.

You see, the problem that i faced was my auto gate wheels jumped off its track and when i asked both contractors what was the problem, they started to point fingers at each other. One says that it’s due to the motor being too powerful, while the other claimed that the railing or gate was not being built properly. And if you’re standing in the middle, then i’m sure you’re gonna get a big headache!

Another example will be the wardrobe. I have a wardrobe, where the left side sliding door is not able to fully close, leaving a small gap. Whenever i tried to fully close the door, somehow it will just automatically slide back and leave a small opening gap. And when i asked the carpenter who did it, he blame it on the floor. But the contractor who did the floor told me that the floor is perfect.

So what to do? Remember, get one contractor and let him settle all the stuff for you. If there’s a problem, ask him to resolve it because that time, he can’t point fingers at anyone else as he’s the one who’s solely in charge of the renovation. You might end up paying a bit more by doing this, but trust me, it’s worth it!



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