Posted by: mylittlesnow | March 17, 2009

iphone Game: Tap Tap Revenge 2 ~ 4 star

iphone Game: Tap Tap Revenge 2
iphone Game: Tap Tap Revenge 2

Ok, i don’t know why i did not download the first version of this game, which was Tap Tap Revenge. But then i just got bored last weekend and i decided to download Tap Tap Revenge 2. It’s something like those DDR (not double data rate, but Dance Dance Revolution la) but of course, this version is for iPhone. Instead of dancing around, flicking and stretching out your arms or sticking your legs out to the left, to the right, you only need to use your fingers in this game. After playing for a few days, i think the best combination is by using both of your thumbs. Oh by the way, i’m only playing ‘Medium’ difficulty level right now, and that’s why maybe i only need to use two thumbs to play. There’s actually 3 buttons or position for you to press using your fingers and maybe for the most difficult level, you might need to use maximum 3 fingers or at least 2 fingers and sticking out your tongue, :P.

One nice little thing that i love is you can download new songs and there’s quite a lot of them. At least this can ensure that you won’t get board playing the game after 1 song. But the problem is you have to download the extra songs available. It’s not preloaded with the application, so it takes quite a while just to download one song. So what i did was to leave it downloading and once it’s done, i choose another song and leave it to download again. I hope the developer can continue to update the song list because it’s definitely going to be boring if we were to play over and over again using the same song.

Oh yeah, i forgot, besides pressing the buttons, you need to tilt your iphone to the left, right or backwards as well when you see arrow signs. Round icon means press, while arrow icons means tilting your iphone. Overall, it’s still a highly addictive and simple game to play, and i’m glad that the graphics is awesome compared to the first version, so this one’s gonna get a 5 star rating from me as well since it’s FREE! Yep, you can download it from iTunes store totally FOC…

freeweelee’s rating: 5 star !!!


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