Posted by: mylittlesnow | March 14, 2009

When Old Town becomes big HEAD oLD tOWN…

I can’t stand it when this sh*t things happen. Typical storyline goes like this, Restaurant A opens -> Food taste good/not bad at all with reasonable pricing -> word of mouth -> business grow -> Restaurant A becomes Restaurant A and B/C/D/E etc -> business grow bigger -> price increase (?)

Aiks? Typical, no? A good example will be Old Town. I used to love this franchise a lot. Previously when it first started, i thought the white coffee was good (actually it still is good now) but sold at a very reasonable price. And other additional food offered taste good as well, especially the Nasi lemak, which is my personal favourite. Some ppl say the Nasi Rendang Ayam taste better than Nasi Lemak. It was simply the most authentic Malaysian franchise in my opinion. White coffee + nasi lemak, uh-hmm… what a lovely combination. But soon thereafter, the cup started to shrink, and then we started to see different Old Town shops charging different prices on the same item offered on menu. And to me, that was the moment Old Town started to lose its appeal on me. I go there for its white coffee and if they wanna reduce the serving size so much to the point that i can really finish it in one big gulp, then mana puas minum? Aihhh, and oh yeah btw, i heard from my friends that the cost to open an outlet has risen to about RM500k now compared to RM100k when it first started… sigh…

And next, we have another good example of restaurant gone cuckoo yet again once it is famous. This shop is called Max, located opposite Queensbay shopping, among the row of shophouses. This place used to be my lunch group’s famous hang out area. But then, i guess the shop owner starts to get greedy and then one fine day, they just decided to increase the price on each and every item in the menu. And mind you, we’re not talking about 10cents or 20cents increase here but it’s about 20% on average. Now that’s a lot! A cup of plain water only now costs 70cents! My favourite flied lice which cost less than RM5 previously is now more than RM6! Talk about greed! When people are losing their jobs, all this restaurant can think of is to increase price? Aww man…

So what can we do? Boycott of course, hehe. I just hope that everyone can send a clear message to these restaurants. Don’t rip us off ! No Old Town never mind, no Max also never mind, cause there’s simply so many more coffee outlets out there where i can still enjoy my morning cuppa of coffee as well as a nice hot packet of nasi lemak. Yummm…



  1. Yes…. support support…..I also noticed the same thing happening. But the food is still nice (albeit the reduced size), so I will just reduce my frequency…..

    By the way, it was a good “sports” weekend for me. Malaysia badminton sweeping the men singles and doubles title in Swiss Open and Liverpool trashing Man Utd…. although you might not agree with me on the latter

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