Posted by: mylittlesnow | March 8, 2009

Engrish, something fishy and goodbye my friend…

Three things running through my mind at the moment and i just feel i’ve got to pen/blog them down here.

Well you see, first, there’s this protest against the use of English to teach Science and Math. Oh gosh, when will they ever grow up? Don’t they ever know that no pain, no gain? True, i’ve heard most of the students are having trouble learning Science and Math in English but there’s always the first step. And given time, when everyone is getting used to it, i’m sure things will improve for the better. We’re living in a big big world right now dude, and come on, don’t ever get started over protecting our own mother language or national language. We still have Bahasa Melayu (or is it Malaysia?) as a language subject on its own so why the heck worry over it? Do you want our kids to grow up and in future when at work, they no speaka engrish? Picture this, some gwai-lous or eulap (euro) lou send a specification sheets to our Malaysian workers and then imagine what the Malaysian workers will do. I can imagine one of these replies:

1. Err, skuse me encik amelican, but-ah u boleh translate ini specification to Bahasa, pls?
2. Ahh, good good sir. Let please give me chance to go back lead and i will get back to you.

Come on, for once, just think, it’s for your own good man !!! Sheesh ka bob… Well, nuff said, it’s beyond our control anyway, and should they insist on reverting back to Bahasa to teach Science and Math, so be it. Doesn’t really matter to me cause i’m gonna take some personal action to ensure that my kids do at least master up English language

And next, i’m sure most of you must have read about the fishy issue, which is occupying the front pages news for the past two days. Apparently, those fish importers/exporters gotta buy the fish container from a single source and that bloody single source is selling the container at a much higher price compared to others. There seems to be a quota for this, something like 10% of all containers must be bought from this single source. I was like, what the bloody dooping is this? Oh yeah, btw, i’m gonna replace fucking with dooping for my future blogs. 😛 Isn’t that a clear cut monopoly. I really wonder what company is that and who owns it actually. Can i have a share in that company as well? bwah hahahaha… Whatever it is, hats off to all the fish distributors and wholesalers. You guys mogok and it’s a right thing to do, but please la, don’t do it for long because we all here still need to eat fish. Can tahan for a while cause we still have chickens, muttons, beef but then when the craving comes in, hehe, you know.

And lastly, a very sad thing. Today, i read a newsreport that a Penang lad was involved in a hit and run accident. And then i read the victim’s name and i could not believe it. He is someone i know. Although we hardly met but i am pretty darn sure that if we were to meet on the streets or anywhere else, he could have remembered me. We used to be active in Penang chess scenes during our schooling days and i never expect his life will be taken so early. And damn it, he’s riding a bike, and his bike is nowhere near to be seen. Can’t figure out actually what happened but would like to take this opportunity to wish my sincere condolences to his family members and friends. Rest in peace dude…



  1. […] Engrish, something fishy and goodbye my friend… […]

  2. malaysia must also implement the anti-trust laws that every other developed country is having. the fish containers will ensure higher grade fishes making its way to our markets as well as the overseas markets but to have a monopoly supply the containers, that’s just making somebody’s wallet fat!

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